1954 MG TF


1954 MGTF recently discovered in Washington Connecticut.

1954 MGTF finished in Red with Tan leather interior.

At Hunting Ridge Motors, there is no shortage of exciting and dynamic classics and exotic cars. But every once in a while the most unlikely sports car will capture our hearts and imagination. This original unrestored 1953 MG TF 1250 is an unlikely candidate when you are surrounded by Porsches, Lotus and Alfa Romeos. But capture our hearts it did.


We know some of the history of the this TF. According to the Heritage Certificate it is matching numbers but more interesting is the fact that it is one of the earliest surviving TFs in the MG register. In fact, it is the 53rd TF built and only a week away from the very first chassis number 501. Remarkably, the TF has traveled only 17,789 miles to date and we believe it may in fact be correct. There is some documentation that supports our claim.


Malcolm O. Bennert is the earliest known owner, and an early connoisseur of the MG Brand. This is actually his wife, Ernestine’s TF. Malcolm owned a black one and they were both founding members of the New England MG Club. We are told by their daughter that they enjoyed competing in TSD Rallys organized by the club.


Classic car aficionados know that it is rare to find a car of this vintage in original, unrestored condition. That is why Ernestine’s TF is special and different from others on the market today. “They are only original once”, is the mantra of the astute collector. With originality comes patina and our TF has it in spades. All of the details that typically fail on any open sports car of this vintage are intact from the original seats to all of the instruments.


The TF’s matching numbers engine starts instantly with a short pull on the starter knob. It shifts and stops with confidence. We treated the TF to a complete mechanical check and service and are happy to report it is ready for more rallys, this time as a prized collector car.



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